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Olofsfors AB, one of the oldest companies in Sweden

Forging bright ideas. That is how Olofsfors can be summarized. For more than 250 years the company has evolved with the outside world. Today, Olofsfors is an internationally successful export company that develops and manufactures products in boron steel for the forestry and construction industries. Olofsfors’ product portfolio contains the well-known brands ECO-Tracks bands for forestry machines, SharqEdges cutting edges for snow plows, and Bruxite wear edges for buckets and excavators. 

250 years of commitment to your future

Our customers depend on reliable products to do a good job every day. The goal of everything we do at Olofsfors must therefore always be – quality. We have striven for more than 250 years.

Now, we also have a strong focus on manufacturing products that have less environmental impact. But above all, we are driven by the management of the company's genuine steel and technical skills.

Our quality made  boron steel has the qualities needed to develop user utility in the world.

Tracks for forestry and construction equipment that helps entrepreneurs to burst the boundaries. Harder and tougher steel to buckets, thus making the job more efficient. Sharper edge system, which increases productivity.

Commitment to our customers ' future, and the desire to stay one step ahead of the competition, we take with us into tomorrow's investments.

Quality since 1762

Olofsfors traditions dating back to the time when Europe industrialized. Quality even then gave pride to the blacksmiths and ironworks in Olofsfors. Today, we have fully automatic production lines for the manufacture of cutting edges and wear steel. To meet future production requirements, we have modern electric ovens, presses and welding machines. We also have equipment for hot forming, stamping, bending and tempering. But mostly, we have a knowledgeable and experienced staff for the pride on.

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