Olofsfors AB is an internationally successful export company which develops and produces tracks for forestry machines and cutting edges and wear bars for construction machines. Founded in 1762, our company is one of Sweden’s oldest. We forge bright ideas.

Knowledge, quality and sustainability are our company’s core values and permeate all decisions that are made. We work on the basis of social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainability. Our success and growth strategy is to constantly renew our business through strategic investments. With environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and materials we offer innovative products that meet increasing market demands and contribute to social change. It is also what makes Olofsfors, despite fierce competition, continue to take market shares globally. Today, we have the sales companies Metsätyö OY in Finland and Olofsfors Inc. in Canada, but all product development and manufacturing is still done in Olofsfors, where it began.



ECO-tacks:Bands that make forestry machines of 40 tons climb mountains and maneuver through wetland. With less ground damage and lower energy consumption, these tracks minimize environmental impact.

SharqEdges: Our complete system of sharp cutting edges that have kept Nordic winter roads fit for driving for more than 35 years. They reduce fuel consumption and contribute to reduce the need to use salt on the roads.


Bruxite: High-performance wear edges and bars that protect and cut where most wear occurs in the buckets and excavators.

We are quality certified according to ISO 9001 and environmentally certified according to ISO 14001.

Olofsfors AB is one of ten member companies of the Forest Technology Cluster that drives forestry technology development projects.

Olofsfors is currently owned by brothers Anders and Carl Wikström, great-great-grand sons of Pehr Wikström who in the mid-19th century became part-owner of Olofsfors Works. www.