Quality and Environment


Every minute our customers’ machines are in operation, our products undergo tough testing. For the customer, every hour of downtime represents lost income.

For this reason, most people are wise enough to choose equipment with care. For them, only the best is good enough. That is where Olofsfors comes into the picture. Quality is, and remains, a key concept for us.

We have been ISO 9001 certified since 1997 and our quality objectives are well supported by each department of the company.

As the market leader within our product areas, we, quite rightly, have extra pressure on us. Our total quality must, quite simply, be regarded as the best in the industry. Nothing else is acceptable.

Everyone in the company fully understands the importance of a high level of total quality; partly because it is a necessary requirement for ensuring satisfied customers and partly to generate greater efficiency and increased competitiveness, for both us and our customers.

ISO 9001  ISO 14001


Environmental issues are a sensitive subject. Many companies claim that they manufacture environmentally-friendly products, but we find it difficult to see how any product is actually environmentally-friendly. On the other hand, the concept of ‘environmentally-adapted’ is significantly closer to the truth in many cases.

All environmental work starts at home. At Olofsfors, environmental work is prioritized as one of the most important activities in the company. It is entered into our environmental policy.


We have been environmentally-certified in accordance with ISO 14001 certified since September 2002. Personnel are trained and continuously prompted to carry out their own tasks in an environmentally responsible manner. Work in all processes is carried out to ensure optimum environmental consideration. For example, environmentally-adapted and recyclable material is always selected for product development and manufacture of our products. Products must not be environmentally-damaging when manufactured, used or as waste.

The basic concept of our environmental policy is that we must meet the environmental regulations, laws and requirements placed on us with a comfortable margin.

ECO-Track is an excellent example of how our environmental thinking has gained a response from our customers. Today, this type of ‘gentle’ forestry machine track is clearly the most popular and is a major contributory reason for our strong position in the market.

On the cutting edge side, we have successfully designed products that significantly reduce fuel consumption.  Our products also contribute to reduced use of salt on our roads.

We regard environmental work as an ongoing process towards increasingly environmentally-adapted behavior. We are well on the way, and our efforts will continue.