Last steel out, when Olofsfors grader edge line goes into the grave


Since the start of 1992, 50 000 tonnes of steel have rolled through Olofsfors old grader edge line. This week, the last edge for graders and snow plows has rolled through the production line which over the years has spit out about 4 million edges. With the steel laid out one after the other, it would reach from Olofsfors in the north of Sweden to the south of Egypt.

It is mixed feelings for the operators who during many years have operated the line.

— It feels a bit sad, but the line has done its job, says Sven-Gunnar Höglander, who has worked 31 years for Olofsfors. It has been simple, but worked very well. Today it is more high tech and our new grader edge line has robots and are a “all in one” line, from raw material to finished and packaged product, says Höglander who has been involved from the beginning when the now 26-year-old grader edge line is dismantle.

Jan-Erik Torgrimsson, who has been working at Olofsfors for 25 years, says that the edge line worked well over the years.

— Many tons has been pressed over the years. 2010 when we had a very snowy winter, we produced edges for graders and snowplows 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, says Torgrimsson.

Fully automated production process

The development is progressing rapidly and in the new fully automated grader edge process, which during the past year has worked in tandem with the old one, are manufactured in the same plant. Everything is done in a robotic process, from taking in raw material to finished product, pressed, hardened, painted, tempered, labeled and packaged.

— We needed something new. The old process was done, says Ulrika Ogenstedt, production technical manager at Olofsfors.

—  As customers' demands for fast deliveries and high quality increase, we have, in addition to the new efficient production process, invested in quality and testing equipment to ensure the entire production chain from purchased raw material to finished product. We make regular material analyzes and test the steels to ensure the right quality and hardness, says Ulrika Ogenstedt.

The new fully automated grader edge process with double the capacity is in full operation.
The old grader edge line will soon only be a memory.

The new grader edge line