Dimtry Morgachev

New Salesman in Olofsfors LLC


Dmitry Morgachev has been employed in Olofsfors LLC from 1st of August.

Dmitry is 30 years old and lives in St Petersburg. Together with Anton he will market and sell all our brands meaning Sharq, Bruxite, Eco Tracks and Iggesund Forest on the Russian market. Dmitry has a Master degree in economics from a university in St Petersburg. During the last 5 years he has been employed as Manager of logging site in a medium sized logging company in  Leningrad oblast with responsibilities for production, procurement, labour  and  other related issues. Before that he has among different positions also worked with import of second hand cars from EU to Russia. 


We are glad that we have managed to recruit Dmitry to our company  and we welcome him to our team!