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Olofsfors wins “Manufacturing Industry of the Year” award


Sweden is currently fifth in the world for robot density with 277 robots per 10,000 employees. This is according to statistics from IFR (International Federation of Robotics). Olofsfors has been awarded the Manufacturing Industry of the Year award.

ABB Robotics in Sweden has introduced a robotics prize that is awarded annually in three categories: Manufacturing Industry of the Year, Innovator of the Year and Partner of the Year. This year, the prizes went to the companies Olofsfors, Prevas and Automationsteknik in Hässleholm. The awards were given out during ABB Robotics Experience Day on December 9th by Susanne Timsjö, Marketing and Sales Manager for ABB Robotics in Sweden, and Sara Mazur from Investor AB.

The reason for the award was:
Manufacturing industry of the year:Olofsfors manufactures tracks for forestry and construction machinery, and wear steel. As early as 2002, Olofsfors used a strategy to develop into a high-performance factory by choosing to invest in a fully automated production line. After that, they also chose to take a step towards the digitized factory and have connected their robots with Connected Services as part of the integral service agreement with ABB. This service agreement ensures availability and optimization of the robots' performance. " 

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