Open day with Olofsfors GmbH in Lauffen


Olofsfors GmbH has started up in Germany, Lauffen

Opening day Lauffen 


It was a successful day together with invited customers and journalists. Guests came from Austria, 
Switzerland, France, Sweden and Germany. Introduction presented by the owner Anders Wikström,
he also told us the history around the start of Olofsfors 250-years ago. CEO Göran Nyberg presented
the whole Olofsfors group for us. Marketing Manager Gunnar Bygdén did a short resume around the 
idea with a GmbH and why Olofsfors has taken this step into central Europe.


Opening day Lauffen


Regional Manager Bernd Fuchslocher together with Ware House Manager Marc Sieger told us about the
startup and how they will proceed with Olofsfors GmbH. After a nice lunch we spend the afternoon together 
with small competitions, wine testing and coffee with cake. Gunnar Bygdén had a brief information about 
the latest news around the Olofsfors products.


Opening day Lauffen