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Press release - 29 companies give record-breaking amounts to cancer research


Samson’s combined with 29 other companies, put forward the highest bid in the Olofsfors’ Pink Ribbon auction. Each of the companies donated 5,000 SEK and 4 of the companies donated as much as 10,000 SEK, all going towards breast cancer research. Soon after Samson’s sent out a call to contribute to cancer research, the first co-buyer called in.

Samsons i Vallsta 

It was in mid-October that Samsons in Vallsta, Sweden thought of the idea to invite other companies and entrepreneurs to buy shares for 5,000 SEK per piece, for the Olofsfors Pink Ribbon Bogie Track, in favour of cancer research. The total amount collected by Samson’s and the 29 other companies will be donated directly to breast cancer research, through Olofsfors.

We thought about how we could help raise as much money as possible and came up with the idea of making a joint bid," says Daniel Mörk, co-owner of Samson’s and the person behind the great idea. ”We knew that many forestry contractors think the purpose of the Pink Track auction is fantastic, but everyone may not have the opportunity to put in their own single bid. However, we thought there may be those who would like to be a part of it, and donate 5 000- 10 000 SEK”.

The Pink Ribbon Bogie Track that Olofsfors has previously auctioned off every October since 2010, generated between 60,000 and 155,000 SEK each year. Whether or not Samson’s and the 29 companies received the highest bid in this year's auction, they all were prepared to donate the total amount to cancer research regardless.

 ”This is evidence, that we can do so much more together, but also how we can change the auction next year to bring in even more money for cancer research," says Maria Öhman, Marketing Manager at Olofsfors, AB. 

Companies everywhere want to help fight cancer

 ”When we came up with this idea, many of the companies saw it as a pure bonus if we were to succeed as the winning bid. There was an incredible number of people who wanted to contribute, which confirmed exactly what we thought. Many wanted to be involved in supporting ongoing research of breast cancer and saw this as a good initiative. Of course, we had a wish to beat the previous record but we never believed that we would raise so much more money, says Mörk.

Less than a minute after
this opportunity to support cancer researchwas presented; to buy a share with Samsons that is, the first company called in.

 ”It is important that we all invest money to fight cancer, and as a smaller contractor we then got the chance to participate in this good purpose”, says Martin Anderberg, owner of MK Forest, one of the 29 companies that bought a share.

Record amount – Nearly 1 million SEK for cancer research

Samson’s and the 29 other companies finally put in the last, and highest bid of 165 000SEK, making it a grand total of almost 1 millionSEK that has been donated to cancer research, since October 2010 through Olofsfors, AB.

 ”We are so grateful to everyone who contributed and it feels extra rewarding with this new record. We are also excited to see which of this forestry contractors will finally get the Pink Track, " says Maria Öhman.

The lucky winner of this year's Pink Ribbon Track, will be announced during the annual General Meeting of the Swedish forestry contractors, this weekend from November 8th-9th, in Lund.

 ”There is a big profit for the individual contractor who receives the Pink Ribbon Tracks, but we are all winners in this”, concludes Daniel Mörk.

Below is the complete list of the companies that donated money this auction and together have come up with the highest bid in Olofsfors Pink Ribbon auction history:

AN Skog 5 000 SEK
Anders Larsson Skogsentreprenad

5 000 SEK

Bernth & Ingemar Eriksson Skogsentreprenader

5 000 SEK

Boléns Skogsentreprenad 5 000 SEK
C Olsson Logging 5 000 SEK
Curras Transport  10 000 SEK
Freddes Skogstjänst 5 000 SEK
G Forsmans Skogsentreprenad 5 000 SEK
GH Skog 5 000 SEK
GWJ Skogsentreprenad 5 000 SEK
H Norgrens Entreprenad 5 000 SEK
HSP Gripen 5 000 SEK
J Dahlqvist Skog 5 000 SEK
Lindström Skog 5 000 SEK
Martinssons Skogsmaskiner 5 000 SEK
MK Forest 5 000 SEK
Noréns Skogshantering 5 000 SEK
Per Andersson Skogsmaskiner 10 000 SEK
Rensby Skogsavverkningar 5 000 SEK
RW Skogsmaskiner 10 000 SEK
Råby Skoog 5 000 SEK
Samsons 5 000 SEK
Svedja Skog 5 000 SEK
Svenska Blount 5 000 SEK
Sörflärke Skog 5 000 SEK
Uno Andersson Skogsmaskin 10 000 SEK
Vallsta Skogsmaskiner 5 000 SEK
West Valley Logging 5 000 SEK
Österby Gallring 5 000 SEK


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