Support the fight against breast cancer and place the highest bid on our pink track.

Would you like to contribute to cancer research and at the same time, would you like the opportunity to get yourself a pair of new PINK forestry machine tracks that will defenitely help
you stand out?
Then participate in the Olofsfors auction and place your bid now.

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About the auction

Auction period: 1-31 oktober 24:00.
Item for Auction: 
Olofsfors CoverX bogie track, approx value 125 000 SEK.

Our tracks have different price ranges depending on type and size. Our desire is to deliver our latest CoverX Track, but as the bidder, you have the opportunity to bid on a track, even at a lower price level. We accept all bids gratefully, but of course only the highest bid will win, regardless of track model.

This year, the final auction will not take place during the annual General Meeting of the Swedish forestry contractors. The pink track will be auctioned out on the site, where the bids will be continuously updated.

All bids are binding.

For complete auction rules, see link.

Olofsfors THANKS for all bids!


Samsons andelar 165000 SEK 31-10 11:01
Samsons andelar 120000 SEK 29-10 11:31
Sveaskog 80000 SEK 29-10 08:20
Samsons andelar 75000 SEK 24-10 10:41
Samsons andelar 65000 SEK 24-10 10:32
Sveaskog 60000 SEK 08-10 08:06
PONSSE AB 50000 SEK 02-10 10:56

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Thanks to contributions from individuals and companies worldwide,
the Breast Cancer Association can finance close patient breast cancer research, provide support and rehabilation to breast cancer sufferers and drive awareness on breast cancer issues. They work to ensure  that everyone is entitled to the best possible breast cancer care.

- Every hours, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer
- Close to 8000 woman a year are diagnosed with breast cancer
- 80% of the affected survive their breast cancer battle
- Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer afflicting women
- Two of three cases are detected during a screening (mammography)

*This information provided by the Breast Cancer Association©*.