Press release - The Master is Back

16 veebruar 2024

Press release - The Master is Back

This year marks the 30th anniversary since Thomas Rådström clinched victory in the Swedish Rally, thus becoming 'Rådis' to the entire Swedish populace. In celebration of this milestone, Rådström will be performing an exhibition drive in this year's Rally Sweden with a similar car he drove in 1994 – a Toyota Celica.

A Swedish Legend
Thomas Rådström was born in Vännäs in 1966. He embarked on his rally career in 1984, just three days after obtaining his driver's license, by borrowing his mother's car without her knowledge. The story doesn't reveal how his mother reacted to this escapade, but in the years to come, Rådström's career soared as he achieved significant success in Swedish junior rallying. Soon enough, he no longer needed to borrow cars in secret to pursue his passion.

Career Highlights
In 1994, Rådström secured his first victory in the Swedish Rally, and the following year, he signed a contract with Toyota, making his leap into the World Rally Championship. Since then, he has been a factory driver for major automotive brands such as Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi, and Citroën, elevating him to international stardom. In the early 2000s, Rådis also competed in rallycross.

There's no doubt that Thomas Rådström is one of the greatest figures in Swedish rally sports. Even though he has reduced his competitive appearances, he remains active within the Swedish rally community, including collaborating with the latest Swedish prodigy Oliver Solberg and his father.

30th Anniversary Celebration
Thirty years after his remarkable victory in the 1994 Swedish Rally, Rådström once again takes the wheel of a Toyota for an exhibition drive in this year's edition of the Rally Sweden. And it's not just any Toyota. The car he'll be driving is an updated version of the Celica that brought him victory. The exhibition is organized independently with sponsorship from Toyota and Olofsfors AB. For rally enthusiasts, it promises to be a day to remember, and one can imagine the same holds true for Rådis himself.

Excerpts from the Resume
• Winner of the Nordic Rallycross Championships in 1987
• Winner of the Swedish Rally in 1994
• Second place in the Swedish Rally in 2001
• Third place in the Safari Rally in 2002
• Swedish champion in 2004
• Competed in all World Rally Championship events

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