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Olofsfors Center Mounting tool

Quick and easy mounting with our Center Mounting tool. Four times faster than our old manual mounting tool and with 200% more traction (3 tonne). Interchangeable jaws depending on track model.

Welcome to Olofsfors configurator

Olofsfors configurator is a simple way to find the right track or chain. See the instruction video that will give you a final product choice. Bogie Tracks, Wheel Tracks or Chains? What do you need for your machine? We help you to choose the right track!

Pink Ribbon Track interview with Curras Transport AB in Edsbyn

Kjell-Erik Åström from Olofsfors AB interviews Mikael Larsson and his daughter Sara at Curras Transport AB about their personal connection to Breast Cancer. They were the winner of the 2019 Pink ribbon track that was auctioned off for the benefit of cancer research.

John Deere 1470 with Olofsfors OF Max and ECO-Wheel Tracks

Meet Karin Eggen, she operates with Olofsfors CoverX tracks

Meet Karin Eggen at Orangutangs Skogs & Naturvård AB in Östersund. She operates with Olofsfors CoverX tracks made for extremely wet and soft conditions. She thinks the tracks works very well in wet, hilly, and snowy terrains.

CoverX by Olofsfors

The newest track providing exceptional flotation along with improved traction. CoverX is a newly designed cross member featuring alternating indentations on the leading edge. This increases forward traction without compromising flotation in soft conditions. The cross member profile is flatter on the tire allowing the machine to sit higher on the soil improving flotation.

Olofsfors CoverX, designed for extremely wet and soft conditions

Olofsfors CoverX, designed for extremely wet and soft conditions. With its straight cross members and unique pattern, we have made sure that the tracks provide great traction and perfect flotation in the most demanding terrains.

Why Tracks?

Mounting Instruction Olofsfors ECO-Tracks

Mounting Instruction Olofsfors PRO-Lite

Mounting Instruction Olofsfors ECO-WHEEL TRACKS™

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