• ECO-Tracks – for those who drive where no other drive

    With strong tracks from ECO-Tracks, you can load more and have better grip, and thereby cause minor soil damage.

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  • Sharqedges – a road steering system based on flexibility, efficiency and reability

    Solid steel quality and a wide range for Nordic conditions. A complete system for best overall economy.

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  • Bruxite – bucket steel with optimum hardness and strength

    When you see Olofsfors bucket steel at excavators and wheel loaders, think Bruxite. Keep in mind the wear steel that gets the work done.

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  • Olofsfors - quality since 1762

    Our customers depend on reliable products to do a good job every day. The goal of everything we do at Olofsfors are quality. Something we have strived for over 250 years.

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