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We are Quality. Made of Nordic Recycled Steel.

The website has a new look. With that, we welcome home ECO-Tracks™, SharqEdges™ and Bruxite™ that will now be part of Olofsfors website. 


We are the original forest machine track with over 1200 product combinations of bogie tracks, wheel tracks, and chains. 

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When innovation meets quality, you get a universal edge system that is always working for you and your machine.

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Olofsfors high-performance wear steel and bucket steel ensures hardness and strength for maximum wear time.

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Market leading product development

Olofsfors philosophy and one of the main reasons for our existence is to develop products based on a great knowledge of the customers' conditions. Year after year, we continue to deliver innovative products that raise the bar for the entire industry. This belief in development and the commitment we feel towards our customers will lead us into promising future ventures.

About Olofsfors

For 260 years, Olofsfors has been manufacturing steel products of the highest quality. Today in the form of tracks for forestry machines and wear steel to the construction industry.

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Quality and sustainability

Olofsfors is constantly working to find solutions to reduce our impact on the environment and develop our processes to ensure high quality.

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Support and service

We strive to provide the best and fastest support and service on the market to reduce your down-time and increase your profitability.

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The latest news from Olofsfors. About the company, products, investments, and our collaborations.

17 May 2023

Olofsfors raise their Pink Ribbon fundraising to another level
Olofsfors raise their Pink Ribbon fundraising to another level

Since 2010, Olofsfors AB, together with private individuals and companies in the forestry industry, have been raising money through the Pink Ribbon fundraiser.


5 April 2023

Press release: 400 frying pans for Ukraine
Press release: 400 frying pans for Ukraine

The Ukraine frying pan is an initiative by the coworkers at Olofsfors AB with a will to contribute to something for the people living in the war zone in Ukraine. The inspiration comes from the production of wood stoves started by several companies in Sweden. ”Our target is to have the 400 frying pans sent to Ukraine just after Easter”, says Tomas Strömberg, Production Director at Olofsfors AB.


22 December 2022

Olofsfors AB wishes everyone a peaceful Christmas holiday
Olofsfors AB wishes everyone a peaceful Christmas holiday

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