When innovation meets quality, you get a universal edge system that constantly works for you and your machine. Olofsfors edges for graders and plows provide a reduced fuel consumption, less wear on the grader and plow, as well as an improved driver environment. And above all, a flawless result.

The ultimate solution for all road conditions

Our universal edge system was born in the cold Arctic winter. A system of plow steel known for its innovative design, flexibility, efficiency, and reliability. With a unique combination of hardness and toughness, we can deliver products with a low risk of cracks and a high chance of a pliable result, an ultimate solution for all road conditions. 

Edges for graders and snow plows

See all our edges for graders and snow plows; for snow, ice and gravel. We have a wide assortment of innovative steel to suit your road conditions.

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Support and Service

We strive to provide the best and fastest support and service on the market to reduce your down-time and increase your profitability.

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Quality and Sustainability

Olofsfors uses Nordic recycled steel in our products. This, combined with an innovative production process and genuine steel and technology know-how, means that we can deliver products with market-leading quality.

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P300+™ - a new Sharq™ for tougher conditions

Gives you the best features of P300™ and P300 HD™. The optimal steel for summer planing and road maintenance on dirt roads, as well as snow removal on graders and snow plows in winter.

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The universal V200™

Meet V200™ - A universal edge for all machines on snowy roads for both plowing and ice cutting that makes clean without penetration. The most effective choice for white roads with ice and compaction.

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P300™ - The giant among edges

The P300™ is the optimal edge to take care of snow compacted bumpy and polished winter roads. The unique design offers optimum steel usage and cost efficiency – 75% of the steel can be used on grading with 100% performance all the way.

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Download our catalogue

Download the product catalogue to find out more regarding all of our products as well as a complete chart of our product recommendations, so that you can feel confident that your SharqEdge™ is the right fit for your conditions.

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The SharqEdges™ Technique - Get the most out of your edges

Step 1

Mount the edge with a maximum of 2” extending below the mounting plate. See picture.

Step 2

Tilt the edge back to a maximum of 55 degrees. Cut with the lower corner.

Step 3

Sharpen the edge until it’s beveled all the way to the front.

Step 4

Tilt the moldboard forward to no more than 70 degrees. Continue cutting!

Step 5

Resharpen the edge by tilting the edge back to 55 degrees.

Step 6

Lift and tilt forward to 60 degrees to cut more material. Little down pressure is needed.

Step 7

Tilt forward again to 65 degrees and continue cutting!

Step 8

Regain a straight edge line by adjust the edges and move them side to side, up and down. Exchange their places on the mold board.

What happens when you operate at the optimal cutting angle with a thin blade?

You get a sharp cutting edge, lower down pressure, and less strain on the machine. You can drive with lower RPM and higher gears, get a lower fuel consumption at longer distances.

Learn more about the technique

Learn the Olofsfors SharqEdges™ Technique for maximum steel utilization. Our quick-mount system for all types of graders and plows along with the right driving technique saves both time and money for the operator.

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