Quality, innovation, and profitability. These are three characteristics that make Olofsfors products a leader in their respective markets. Products made of recycled steel with a high focus on development. Forest tracks, edges for graders and snow plows, and wear steel that increases your profitability.

We are quality. Made of Nordic recycled steel.

The steel from our largest supplier has an 80% lower carbon footprint than the global average and consists of 75-90% recycled Nordic steel. Our process means that we take advantage of the knowledge we have and raw materials that are around us, and use it to develop innovative products. Fast and safe delivery of products that prove what they promise.


Olofsfors is the original among forest tracks. With over 1200 product combinations, we can deliver a product of the highest quality, carefully selected to suit you and your machine.

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Olofsfors universal edge system reduces fuel consumption and offers less wear on the grader and plows, as well as an improved driver environment. And above all, a flawless result.

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Olofsfors wear edges and bars undergoes a unique alloying and hardening process and that ensures hardness from edge to edge. We offer a large number of standard profiles and dimensions.

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