Olofsfors wants to save the rescuers


A firefighters’ risk of getting cancer is twice as high compared to the average person, and yet they still combine their regular job and dedicate themselves to saving others. At Olofsfors AB there are currently 6 part-time firefighters working on staff.

November is the month to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. Many show their support through the moustache fight and other fundraisers to raise funds and help those affected.

“Research shows that firefighters, among other careers, are twice as likely to suffer from testicular cancer than other occupational groups and in the USA it is even classified as an occupational injury”, according to the fundraising foundation Brandmännens Cancerfond.

—   ”We felt that we must try to do something even just for us, to spread the message and to increase public awareness. Raise questions, make people understand how carcinogenic fire smoke really is, ”says Tobias Sikström, Robot Operator at Olofsfors and firefighter for 14 years.

The fire brigade in Nordmaling works constantly to make improvements for "Healthy Firefighters" and has started its own fundraiser for a firefighters' cancer fund. During the month of December, they will print and sell T-shirts, where the full amount raised goes into a fund that supports research and development of products for the safety of firefighters. The fund was formed with the aim of preventing the occurrence of cancer diseases that are linked to those who work as rescue personnel.

Olofsfors AB currently has 6 part-time firefighters on staff and is one of the companies in the municipality that supports the fundraising of Brandmännens Cancerfond.

—   ”The part-time firefighters who are employed by us have an important role to play, even if they have to leave the workplace quickly in the event of an alarm. Their knowledge and safety background is helpful in our industry, as well as in our internal fire drills and fire education. We want, of course, to support our firefighters by contributing to this fundraiser”, says Göran Nyberg, CEO of Olofsfors.

Why do you work as a firefighter when you know it is so dangerous to your health?

- “The feeling you get after doing something good, when someone survives a severe fire or accident is indescribable. You get warm in the body ", says Robin Strömberg, Track Operator at Olofsfors and firefighter for 10 years. “You bring the good parts with you and not the bad ones. Otherwise you probably would not have had the strength to continue. Saving a person, gives you peace of mind ", concludes Strömberg.

Read more about the foundation: www.brandmannenscancerfond.se

To buy a T-shirt, contact Robin Strömberg or Tobias Sikström below or leave your gift via Swish at: +46 70-617 19 55.

All contributions are valuable, help us save the rescuers!

For questions or more information, please contact:

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Robin Strömberg
Track Operator
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E-mail: robin.stromberg@olofsfors.se

Tobias Sikström
Robot operator
Phone: +46 (0)70-617 19 55
E-mail: tobias.sikstrom@olofsfors.se

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