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The all-around track

ECO™ fits all machine types and provides good traction and good load capacity in most types of terrain.

Grouzer in the middle of the cross-member provides very good grip and is a perfect place to cleat for extra lateral grip. The slip bar of the ECO™ model provides an excellent and long-lasting grip against the tire.

The soft model is designed to have less ground damage and still provide excellent flotation capacity and grip. The shape of the ends not only provides additional flotation capacity but also protects the link system.

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1. Cross member

Our nine profiles provide different degrees of grip and flotation. EX, OF, and EVO gives better grip while U, Baltic, and CoverX are unbeatable for flotation. ECO, KovaX, and Combination are our all-round profiles.

2. Link system

Choose between 22, 26, 29, 30 mm or Max based on machine size and terrain. Smaller link systems for lighter machines. Larger machines or machines that run in wet ground require more powerful link systems. Max has more moving parts which reduces wear.

3. Version

We offer standard, soft, narrow, or wide versions for your cross-member ends. Soft protects the tire side better for example against stones, narrow fits when you have less space, and wide provides increased flotation capacity.

4. Position

Customize the position of the cross member on your machine. Select the asymmetric position or one side short to get maximum flotation capacity if your tires have little space against the machine.

5. Cleat

Add cleats to your track to increase the grip of the machine and reduce wear on the cross members. You can choose single cleat, double cleat, road cleat, or without cleats.

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